Is Game Freak Really Running Out of Ideas for New Pokemon?

Everyone knows that the new Pokemon games, Sun and Moon have pretty much broken the fairly straightforward approach to our favourite , but of course the internet seems to think otherwise with people lamenting the “lazy designs” of the new Pokemon of every generation. Although I may agree with the universal Pokemon design-hating  citizens of the internet when it comes to Pokemon like Swirlix, Trubbish, or all three Burmy/Wormadam variants (Seriously, why do they exist) and especially Phione, which is literally a rejected Manaphy design with inferior everything, I think these are plain lazy. Besides that, I think the new Pokemon are quite well designed, along with my new favourite Pokemon, Golisopod which, in my opinion looks pretty good! Refer to the picture below if you have no idea what I’m talking about.

Image result for Golisopod

If they really were running out of ideas, the franchise would be dead. At this point in time, the franchise id anything but dead in my opinion and to boot, look at Game Freak’s earnings, which are not to be scoffed at, considering that Pokemon Go was a big success, along with the latest addition to the main series, Pokemon Sun and Moon, which are currently selling well. The main force behind Pokemon’s popularity is summed up by the long-standing catchphrase, “Gotta Catch ‘Em All”, and that is the essence of the Pokemon popularity machine, with new generations conceived every two-or-so years, the number of these creatures has grown from 150 to 801 (as of Nov. 18, 2016) and as you all know, that is a ridiculous number of Pokemon to catch, even for a 20th Anniversary. To boot, there is an extensive canon for these games, along with a backstory, mythology (all hail our Lord and Savior Helix) , and the whole lot you’d find in an RPG. (like boring NPCs that serve no purpose in the game! Hooray!) Aside from the whole collect-a-thon aspect to Pokemon, there is a strategy-based metagame which has gradually grown into something extremely competitive (much to the benefit of the Pokemon Company and Game Freak) that has existed since the dawn of Generation I, when Psychic-types wrecked everything! Ah, those were the days… Since then, the game has changed quite a bit, especially with new Pokemon, to the chagrin of the Poke-haters of this world. When you’re in an industry that is constantly changing, you must change wit it, and that’s why Game Freak is not running out of ideas. Yes, sometimes there are ones that are universally hated, but with a franchise with so much to offer and so many elements of strategy, it is truly a work of art, like the Pokemon designs thus far. Great job Game Freak! Please lower the encounter rate of Zubat in caves. Thank you!



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