And The 2016 Giller Prize Goes To . . . [Drum-roll, please!]

The Scotiabank Giller Prize is an award that recognizes excellence in Canadian fiction. This annual event celebrates the best of Canadian writers, literature, and authors. This year’s Giller Prize goes to the first Asian-Canadian woman: Madeleine Thien’s book, Do Not Say We Have Nothing.

The Giller Prize was founded by Jack Rabinovitch in 1994 to honour his late wife, Doris Giller. This award recognizes the best of Canadian fiction and has a prize of $25 000.00 annually. This year, the Giller Prize celebrated its 23rd anniversary.

Madeleine Thien writes about those who lived through China’s Cultural Revolution, the children of the survivors, and those who became the students protesting in Tiananmen Square, one of the most important political moments in China’s past century.

Thien crafts and brings to life many unforgettable characters; Sparrow, a composer who wishes to create music, but can only find truth in silence; Big Mother Knife and Swirl, survivors of the cultural revolution; Zhuli, who as a child sees the denunciation of her parents and becomes the target of denunciations herself; Kai, a headstrong musician who masks his true self; and his daughter Marie, the young, mathematician who pieces together the story of her broken family in present-day Vancouver.

Do Not Say We Have Nothing has received many positive reviews. With the skill of a master storyteller, Madeleine Thien crafted a beautiful, humorous, and political masterpiece of a novel.


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