About Your Textperts

Hi! It’s one of your brand-new (ish) B8A TextPerts here, Spencer! You’re probably wondering, “What sort of stuff will we see on this blog, and why in the world would I bother visiting it?” Well, here’s the low-down of what you’ll probably see here: polls, book reviews, and everything else in-between.

Now, for a little bit about myself! I am a massive Pokemon fan, with a love of books. My knowledge on pop culture is somewhat negligible, I don’t really know much about music from the modern era of society, so don’t bother asking me about whoever’s music you listen to these days. Expect me to write about trivia and I shall take suggestions for editorials because  have strong opinions! (IE: Canada should have a nuclear weapons program, and pretend I didn’t write that) Now, here’s a bit about our other B8A Textpert, Emily!

I (Emily) really enjoy all kinds of books, writing, and art. I especially love poetry (spoken word poetry!), and drawing. I plan on writing book recommendations (in the forms of top-ten lists and reviews), and I would like to bring in more diverse books to our classroom library. There are many departments in which my knowledge is lacking (such as video games, popular music, and many others), but I hope I will have the opportunity to learn a lot from this B8A job experience.

In the future, we will be holding contests – art contests, writing contests, and anything else that you want. Thanks for reading! Stay tuned . . .


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